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Dr. Nathan Owens working on his laptop

I help  dentists  find freedom,fulfillment, and  financial peace .

Speaker Reel
Dr. Nathan Owens enjoying Nashville, TN.

I’m a dentist, entrepreneur, and speaker. I’ve spent the past 15 years of my career doing some pretty awesome things. I am the CEO and founder of a multi-million dollar DSO

I’ve created two successful, dental-specific software companies, as well as being the founder of a dental academy. I’ve spoken to thousands of dentists and dental teams all across the US and Canada. I’m super proud of all of these accomplishments and continue to press upwards as we grow each one of these organizations.

But these wins aren’t the only things that define my career. I’ve experienced many failures along this journey as well. I’ve spent long hours working through nights, weekends, and waking before the sun rises. I’ve missed my children’s sports games and parties. I’ve experienced divorce and the sudden loss of my mentor and best friend. I’ve stared at the brink of bankruptcy and felt the pain of self-doubt and depression. These experiences have modeled my story just as much as the wins.

All of these experiences have shaped my path and led me to find where my authentic passion lies, which is making an impact in people’s lives. This has become my true purpose. My keynotes and addresses are designed specifically for this purpose, to help dentists find freedom, fulfillment, and financial peace.

My talks focus on three main objectives: Educate, Inspire, and Entertain. Entrepreneurship is a tough business, which dentists have very little knowledge about. I aim, first and foremost, to educate dentists and their teams on how to grow their organization, teams and cultures, while also avoiding many of the failures I experienced. I also focus on inspiring the audience to take massive ACTION and to do it immediately. Lastly, but certainly not least, I seek to be an entertainer. I believe that entertaining, using laughter, drama, and storytelling, is the secret weapon to disarming and connecting with any audience.

Using all of these tools allows me to create an unforgettable experience for your conference! I look forward to being a part of it.

I speak to dentists and dental teams to help motivate, educate, inspire, and entertain them. 

As a presenter, I use story-telling, humor, and inspiration to keep the audience engaged. My primary goal is to leave the audience with the gift of a new idea. One in which they can hold on to and inspire them to immediately take action and, in some way, will change their life for the better.

About Nathan

Dr. Nathan Owens is speaking in Tampa, FL.

Nathan's Talks

Dr. Nathan Owens is standing in front of the Nashville skyline.

Create, Cultivate, Climb

In this topic, I challenge the audience to really question how we in dentistry have always viewed the proper or best way to build a team and a culture.


I take the audience through my personal story and transition in practice, showing them the difference between the first 7 years of practice and the second 7 years. In the first 7 years I did things exactly as most dentists do. I built a team and a culture the way I was taught by mentors and other dentists. I then contrast this with the second 7 years, which is defined by a transition that involves major life changes and me returning to school to earn my MBA.


The first half of my practice saw a 2x increase, while the second half saw an 8x increase. What changed? What caused this difference? I explore some of the main factors in this presentation, including changes in how we motivate our team, what actually creates a culture of growth, and how to ensure that this growth is sustainable.

Dr. Nathan Owens standing next to a tree.

The Hidden Ability Within

In this topic, I explore our individual ability as leaders. This topic can be geared strictly to dentists who want to function as better CEOs and leaders, or to the entire dental team that assuredly has multiple hidden leaders within its ranks.


I want to challenge how dentists and individuals in general think about ourselves, specifically putting a spotlight on our own self-invalidation. I draw on my own experiences with this in life, which were caused by some unfortunate events but created long-lasting effects. I overcame this but not before burning down many in my path on the way there.


My goal is to allow the audience to see our own deception and negative beliefs about ourselves, and to empower the audience to see that anything is possible. By changing your thoughts, you can change your path.

Dr. Nathan Owens working on his cell phone.


Speaking Topic Title #3

The word “control” in our culture and politically charged environment is often viewed as a dirty word. However, secretly we all want to know how to use it in our lives. We want to control our kids, our spouse, our employees, or our patients.


We just don’t want to say that out loud and we certainly don’t want to ask how. Well I want to challenge this idea. Controlling, and even being controlled, can absolutely be a positive thing.


But what does it look like under a positive light and, even more interestingly, how can we use it for the betterment of others and ourselves? Let’s take a look at that.


Nathan's Testimonials

Image by Juhani Pelli
Luis Colon in his position as CEO of MGE Managment.

“Dr. Nathan Owens is one of the most influential speakers I’ve had the pleasure to have speaking to my National Leadership clients. He engages their attention and interest as he has lived it; he “walks the walk!” I always look forward to having him speak to my clients. He is an asset to whomever invites him to speak and demonstrates that winning in his field is not just a dream, but a reality.”

Luis Colon CEO, Consultant, International Speaker, and Author 

“Dr. Owens has probably had some of the highest seminar engagement and results of our presenters, having successfully presented to thousands of other dentists at this point. Dr. Owens is both tactical while engaging. His speaking style can best be described as “real”. He doesn’t come across as pretentious or condescending in the least. However, from the results he has achieved and the rate in which he has expanded alone commands interest and terrific altitude – all while remaining humble and interesting. As a trainer of public speakers, Dr. Owens is a natural. He stays engaged with the audience, hits their pain points, understands their circumstances and conveys real-life stories and experiences which inspire those attending to not only apply what they learn but all while instilling hope for positive change.”

Dan Brown in his position as a dental consultant in Tampa, FL.

Dan Brown, Entreneurer, Dental Consultant, and International Speaker

Dr. Lauren Carter in her role as Chief Clinical Officer of a Nashville DSO.

“Inspiring – loaded with application and insight. Wonderful speaker! Funny, real and useful. Very positive and provided actual tools to support good theories that have been well researched in leadership and management theories.”

Dr. Lauren Carter, General Dentist, DSO Executive, and Speaker 

Dr. Nick Riccio in his position as an endodontist in the Chicago area.

“Thank you SO much for helping us put on a great event tonight, everyone was raving about it!”

Dr. Nick Riccio, Board Certified Endodontist

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Dr. Nathan Owens standing on the pedestrian bridge in Nashville, TN.

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